Provision of funded places for two-year-olds forms an increasingly crucial part of national policy for the early years. This essential one-day conference will bring you the very latest policy and best practice to help you deliver places that meet the emotional and learning needs of two-year-olds.

The conference will enable you to:

  • Policy keynote from Childcare and Education Minister Sam Gyimah on funded places, the Progress Check at Two and the Integrated Review
  • Hear what the latest research says on delivering quality provision
  • Measure quality, use assessment scales, and create tools to monitor quality of learning environments and practitioner roles
  • Learn about early brain development, connections between movement and learning, and the implications for practice
  • Give two‑year‑olds a sense of belonging in settings through smooth transitions and supportive relationships
  • Understand language development at age two and how to help children with poor communication skills
  • Gain practical ideas to stimulate play
    and promote learning
  • Understand how to work with vulnerable families and help parents support their children’s learning
  • Recognise schemas and their role in two‑year‑olds’ learning
  • Explore the scope of outdoor learning for two‑year‑olds
  • Hear a case study of two‑year‑olds in school
  • Support language development through rhythm, rhyme, song and story

The conference is designed for:

  • Nursery owners and proprietors
  • Nursery and children’s centre managers
  • Nursery practitioners
  • Childminders
  • Head teachers and EYFS co-ordinators
  • Local authority early years managers
  • Early years advisers
  • Healthcare professionals